Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science

Research facilities

The Joint Graduate School offers a first-class research infrastructure both at the Faculty of Science's Leigh Marine Laboratory and NIWA.

At the Leigh Marine Laboratory, we offer:

A boat sitting on the water
  • An extensive seawater system for holding live animals and conducting experiments with living animals
  • A coastal climate station with more than 30 years of records on coastal weather conditions and continuous monitoring
  • Wet laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Microscope laboratory
  • Small constant temperature room used for algal culture
  • Teaching lab
  • Seminar room
  • Computer and software resources
  • A small coastal and marine library reference collection
  • The 15-metre RV Hawere research vessel which support research operations for six people for up to a week at sea
  • A fleet of smaller outboard motor vessels for accessing the local coast
  • Bunkroom accommodation for up to 24 students for field courses, four longer term student accommodation units, and a neighbouring cottage for visiting researchers.

Facilities students can access at NIWA include:

A boat