Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science

Our students

Find below a list of students who are currently involved in research projects at the Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science.

PhD students

Name Topic Superviser
Joao Albuquerque Wave climatology Giovanni Coco, Paul Kench, Fernando Mendez
Tri Arfianti Global biogeography and ecology of amphipods Mark Costello, Shane Lavery, Shane Wright
Irawan Asaad Key marine biodiversity areas in the Coral Triangle Mark Costello; Carolyn Lundquist
Caitlin Blain Estimates of kelp (Ecklonia radiata) forest primary productivity in the Hauraki Gulf Nick Shears
Chhaya Chaudhary Global marine biogeography, richness, endemicity and climate change Mark Costello, Melissa Bowen
Jules Devaux Mitochondrial adaptations involved in hypoxia-tolerance: Glutamate uptake, ROS regulation, antioxidant levels, pH and Calcium buffering capacities across Triplefin fish species. Tony Hickey, Neill Herbert
Xuelin Ding Coastal hydrodynamics Giovanni Coco, Colin Whittaker
Clinton Duffy Great White Sharks John Montgomery
Malcolm Francis
Riley Elliot Blue Shark Ecology John Montgomery
Malcolm Francis
Ashley Flood   Craig Radford
Emily Frost The physiological and genetic responses of early life history stages of Evechinus chloroticus to predicted near-future ocean acidification Mary Sewell, Richard Taylor
Luvia Garcia Garcia   Andrew Jeffs
Olivia Hamilton Hauraki Gulf megafauna spatial distribution, density and abundance Rochelle Constantine, Rachel Fewster, Leigh Torres, Cameron Walker
Christine Hansen Investigating the resilience of Ecklonia radiata forests across the Hauraki Gulf Nick Shears
Jenny Hillman Linking benthic functional traits to connectivity across coastal habitats Carolyn Lundquist
Zha Hua   Andrew Jeffs
Sahar Izadi Bryde's whale foraging ecology Rochelle Constantine, Craig Radford, Mark Johnson, Natacha Aguilar
Dinusha Jayathilake   Mark Costello, Luitgard Schwendenmann
Khushboo Jhugroo      Ocean glider observations of coastal ocean Craig Stevens, Joanne O'Callaghan, Melissa Bowen   
Victoria Jollands Ocean governance and ecosystem based management Simon Thrush, Karen Fisher
Chuang Li Bedform morphodynamics Giovanni Coco, Heide Friedrich
Moyang Li Seagrass and ammonium  Alwyn Rees, Carolyn Lundquist, Simon Thrush, Conrad Pilditch and Joanne Ellis
Christine Liang Carbonate sediment generation and reef island evolution in the Maldives Paul Kench
Han-Yang Lin Global biogeography and phylogeography of marine fish Mark Costello, Shane Lavery, Shane Wright
Candace Loy Discovering new aquaculture species Andrew Jeffs, Craig Radford
Warwick Lyon Dogfish movement John Montgomery
Malcolm Francis
Philip Mandlier Wave interaction with coral reef platforms and implicaitons for island formation Paul Kench
Rebecca McPherson Dilution processes in plumes at Manapouri Craig Stevens, Joanne O'Callaghan, Melissa Bowen
Robert Major Mechanisms of chemical attraction in scampi Andrew Jeffs
Ana Markic Plastic pollution in the southwest Pacific Mark Costello; Melissa Bowen
Vanessa Arranz Martinez Connectivity among marine communities: drivers of larval connection between populations of coastal species Shane Lavery, Rachel Fewster
Jennifer Mendoza Coastal erosion Giovanni Coco, Mark Dickson
Diana Montenegro Use of biomarkers in fish to assess the effects of pollution in New Zealand waters Mary Sewell, Gavin Lear, Tony Hickey
Craig Norrie Connectivity in marine invertebrate populations Carolyn Lundquist, Brendon Dunphy
Joko Pamungkas  Global biogeography and ecology of polychaetes Mark Costello, Chris Glasby
Ros Putland Acoustic ecology in the Hauraki Gulf Craig Radford, Rochelle Constantine
Qianshuo Zhao  Mapping marine ecosystems of the world Mark Costello, Melissa Bowen
Leena Riekkola Humpback whale lives away from the breeding grounds: Do migration paths &  feeding grounds affect stock recovery? Rochelle Constantine, Alex Zerbini, Mike Double
Nestor Robinson Habitat suitability modles of invasive macroalgae Wendy Nelson, Carolyn Lundquist, Judy Sutherland
Rachael Sagar Ecophysiology of New Zealand procellariiform seabirds Brendon Dunphy, Matt Rayner, Margaret Stanley
Priscilla Madi Salloum Genetic & phenotypic variation across a latitudinal gradient Shane Lavery, Anna Santure
Rigoberto Sanchez-Medina Growth rate and ammonium assimilation in Ulva Alwyn Rees, Richard Taylor
Dyahruri Sanjayasari   Andrew Jeffs, Neill Herbert
Stefano Schenone Mapping ecosystem services in different marine systems Simon  Thrush, Teri O'Meara
Ewa Siwicka The multifunctionality of marine ecosystems and the implications for ecosystem service assessments Simon Thrush, Drew Lohrer
Rebecca Smith Collection of mussel spat Andrew Jeffs
Phuping Sucharitakul Global biogeography of gelatinuous zooplankton Mark Costello, Shane Lavery, Shane Wright
Suyadi Dynamics of mangrove forest cover change and carbon stock assessment  Luitgard Schwendenmann, Jay Gao, Carolyn Lundquist
Catriona Thompson Wave shape at impact in front of a rocky cliff Mark Dickson, Giovanni Coco
Megan Tuck Advancement in reef island inundation modelling utilising coupled geomorphology inundation models Murray Ford, Paul Kench
Brenton Twist Coralline algae of southern New Zealand Wendy Nelson, Nick Shears
Valerio Visconti Leatherjacket demography Kendall Clements
Ulla von Ammon Novel methods for marine pest surveillance Shane Lavery, Grame Inglis, Xavier Pochon
Victoria Warren Distribution and seasonality of marine mammals in the Cook Strait, New Zealand, based on passively-collected acoustic data. Craig Radford, Rochelle Constantine, Kim Goetz
Mengjie Wei  Processes driving coastal carbon storage and transformation Luitgard Schwendenmann, Carolyn Lundquist
Mark Wilcox Re-establishment of sustainable mussel beds on soft-sediment in the Hauraki Gulf Andrew Jeffs, Shane Kelly
Richard Wilson The influence of bed roughness on propagation of turbulent turbidity currents Heidi Friedrich, Craig Stevens
Quianshuo Zhao Mapping marine ecosystems of the world Mark Costello

BSc(Hons)/MSc/MBioEnt/MEng students

Name Topic Superviser
Daniel Ahern Artificial structures as intertidal habitat Richard Taylor, Jacqui Bell
Aratrita Ganguly Understanding the Hikurangi Channel distributary pathway Lorna Strachan, Helen Bostock, Ingo Pecher
Richa Garg Maui dolphin demographics and photo-identification Rochelle Constantine
Najihah Haron Modelling species distributions Ian Tuck
Maija Kaipio Decadal variability of the Southern Hemisphere subtropical gyres Melissa Bowen, Phil Sutton
Ryan Lunenburg Characterisation of sedimentary gravity flows in the Tuaheni Canyon, Poverty Bay, New Zealand Lorna Strachan, Alan Orpin, Joshu Mountjoy, Ingo Pecher
Michael Macnaughtan A Paleo-oceanographic reconstruction of Northland using seismic stratigraphy of volcanics and contourites Lorna Strachan, Steve Johnston, Mila Adam
Abdullah Malawi Energy propagation across the ocean Melissa Bowen
Monique McKeown Understanding the physical sedimentology of the Madden continental slope distributary systems Lorna Strachan, Alan Orpin, Ingo Pecher
India Merrick methods for designing marine reserve networks Mark Costello
Tony Pan  Effects of CO2 on the growth performance, respiratory physiology and visual behaviour of key coastal marine fishes Neill Herbert, Darren Parsons
Giovani Pradel Gas hydrates of the Taranaki Basin: A geophysical approach Lorna Strachan, Ingo Pecher
Sam Stevenson Can fish gut microbiota degrade waste seaweed? Kendall Clements
Kayo Takahashi What controls the flow of the ACC along the Campbell Plateau? Melissa Bowen
Rikki Taylor ecosystem indicators from trawl survey data Ian Tuck, Mark Costello
Aimee van der Reis Feeding Ecology of Scampi Shane Lavery, Andrew Jeffs
Edin Whitehead Stress physiology of grey faced petrels Brendon Dunphy, Tony Hickey, James Russell, Katie O'Reilly


Name Topic Superviser
Edwin Ainley Effects of deposited sediments on macroalgal assemblages Nick Shears
Andrew Allison Modeling the interations between society, ecology and environmental change in estuaries Simon Thrush, Mark Dickson, Karen Fisher
Phoebe Armitage Codium fragile in New Zealand: an assessment of the morphological and genetic variation present in native and introduced subspecies Wendy Nelson
Judy Sutherland
Shane Lavery
Simon Banks Sedimentology and distributary channels of the Cook system Lorna Strachan, Phil Barnes, Ingo Pecher
Zeenatul Basher Diversity and distribution of decapod shrimps in the Southern Ocean Mark Costello
David Bowden
Eddie Beetham    
Hannah Binnie Factors affecting the fate of longline caught fish Ian Tuck
Anna Berthelsen  Interactions between coralline turf and associated fauna    Richard Taylor, Wendy Nelson & Judi Hewitt
Lilly Bojarski Nitrogen metabolism of fish hindgut symbionts Kendall Clements
Luke Boyle Integromic analysis of heat stress in mussels Brendon Dunphy, Louis Ranjard, Kathy Ruggerio
Evan Brown Direct vs indirect effects of marine reserves on reef fish Nick Shears, Richard Taylor
Richard Bulmer    
Sophie Burgess Scallop fisheries ecology and stock assessment Ian Tuck
Paul Caiger     
Javier Canete Marine delta evolution following a volcanic eruption Mark Dickson
Jenny Castle Metier analysis and catch profiles in NZ trawl fisheries Ian Tuck
Patrick Cahill (PhD) Sea squirt fouling Andrew Jeffs
Miriam Clark Fertilisation & ocean acidification in mussels Mary Sewell
Victoria Clark Larval development in cushion stars Mary Sewell
Joanna Copedo The respiratory physiology of kingfish families with different size at age. Neill Herbert, Seumas Walker
Kathryn Davies Mixed modelling of Manukau Harbour Mark Dickson
Simon Thrush & Karen Fisher
Natali Delorme Juri     
Philippa Ebdon Bryde's wghale ship-strike mitigation Rochelle Constantine
Oliver Evans Refining video methods for monitoring fish populations Richard Taylor, Nick Shears
Tegan Evans Variability in growth of juvenile snapper in relation to habitat and environmental variability Ian Tuck, Mark Morrison
Jessica Feickert Pea crabs in mussels Andrew Jeffs
Denise Fernandez    
Ashley Flood Settlement response of Greenshell mussels to sound Craig Radford, Andrew Jeffs
Pablo Escobar Flores    
Emma Gallagher LA-ICP-MS analysis of shell elements in greenlipped mussels Brendon Dunphy
Ramon Gallego Distribution and abundance of Antarctic meroplankton in the Ross Sea Mary Sewell
Emma Gibbs Developing an assay to assess rates of organic degradation in estuarine and coastal seafloor habitats Teri O'Meara, Simon Thrush
William Gibson Understanding scampi CPUE Ian Tuck
Laura Goudie Using exercise to improve the productivity, quality and welfare of farmed chinook salmon Neill Herbert
Tom Greer   Andrew Jeffs
Benn Hanns Kelp forest productivity and morphology Nick Shears
Sydney Harris Marine soundscape ecology Craig Radford
Shannon Hawkins Recent tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of the Reinga-Northland Basin Lorna Strachan, Mila Adam, Peter King
Kevin Heasman   Andrew Jeffs
Jan Hesse Lobster biology Andrew Jeffs
Alanna Hollier Carbonate sediment delivery to cheniers Mark Dickson
Michael Hudson    
Andrew Hutchinson Coastal landsliding as a mechanism of long-term shore retreat Mark Dickson
Susan Jackson Biodiversity prioritisation to inform Marine Spatial Planning in the Hauraki Gulf Carolyn Lundquist
Mark Costello
Crystal James Investigating hypoxia tolerance in New Zealand Triplefin brains relative to their position within the intertidal zone Tony Hickey 
Kate James     
Shanalee James Investigating hypoxia tolerance in New Zealand Triplefin brains relative to their position within the intertidal zone Tony Hickey
Matthew Jerromson The distribution and characteristics of turbidites in the Solander Trough, South of New Zealand Lorna Strachan, Helen Bostock, Kathy Campbell
Kate Johnson    
Alana Jute Settlement and physiological tolerances of the Mediterranean fanworm Sabella spallazani Brendon Dunphy, Graeme Inglis
Maija Kaipio Ocean heat transport around New Zealand Melissa Bown
Pamela Kane Factors affecting catchability in rock lobster Ian Tuck, Nick Shears
Aron Katona The ecology and fish of Te Matuku Marine Reserve Mark Costello
Sam-Scott Kelly Rock attrition on intertidal shore platforms Mark Dickson
Javed Khan The bioenergetics of growth performance in farmed hapuku Neill Herbert
Seumas Walker
Christine Kibele Understanding the effects of antibiotics on the laterallLine Craig Radford, John Montgomery
Jared Kibele     
Sophie Kincaid How volume and spatial patterns in tag data affect abundance estimates Ian Tuck
Anna Kleinmanns The hypoxia tolerance of farmed hapuku, Polyprion oxygeneios Neill Herbert, Jane Symonds, Seumas Walker
Steen Knudsen Phylogeny and phylogeography of kyphosid fishes Kendall Clements
Swastika Lal Understanding the behaviour and physiology traits of snapper personality Neill Herbert
Nichols Lao The importance of algal beds for mussel spat settlement Andrew Jeffs, Wendy Nelson
Lily Kozmian-Ledward Spatial ecology of cetaceans in the Hauraki Gulf               Rochelle Constantine & Leigh Torres
Sonny Lee Quantifying coral response to environmental change Paul Kench
Soxi Lee  Lobster aquaculture environmental impacts Andrew Jeffs
Alex Leonard Ocean acidification effects on sea urchin larvae Mary Sewell
Becky Lindsay South Pacific humpback whale spatial ecology Rochelle Constantine
Todd Dennis
Kathryn Longstaff Stratigraphy and sedimentology of delta fans Mark Dickson
Meredith Lowe (PhD) Fish Ecology Richard Taylor
Mark Morrison
Lucas MacDonald Active seafloor processes of the Reinga-Northland Basins Lorna Strachan, Helen Neil, Ingo Pecher
Jordan Markham Controls on Leigh SST variability Melissa Bowen
Nick Shears
Phil Sutton
Tristan McArley Validating reflex impairment to predict the post-release mortality of snapper Neill Herbert
Laura McLeod Light-traps and monitoring marine biodiversity Mark Costello, Richard Taylor
Selena McMillan    
Sam McRae Spatial and tempral patterns in trawl survey catch composition Ian Tuck
Megan Meyers Movement patterns and habitat use of whale sharks at Raja Ampat, West Papua Rochelle Constantine, Mark Erdmann
Terry Moore Tidal energy in Manukau harbour Craig Stevens
Kyle Morgan (PhD) Carbonate budget of a coral reef platform, Maldives Paul Kench
Luca Mori Biodiversity in New Zealand's EEZ Carolyn Lundquist, Simon Thrush, Sue Taei
Ben Mortensen Thermal tolerance of the marine snail Lunella smaragdus Brendon Dunphy
Rhian Moyle Hauraki Gulf zooplankton Mary Sewell
Craig Norrie Cockle microchemistry Carolyn Lundquist, Brendon Dunphy, Joel Baker
Chris Nottingham Factors affecting hapuka egg quality and larval survival Ian Tuck
Lucy van Oosterom Bigeye vocalisations Craig Radford
Richard O’Rorke DNA identification of larval lobster diets Shane Lavery
Andrew Jeffs
Melanie Orr    
Wesley Parker  Tides in Cook Strait Craig Stevens UoA "Winter Scholarship"
Lilith Peng Factors affecting shark distribution Ian Tuck
Josefina Peters Larval development in sea cucumbers Mary Sewell
Matt Pine Underwater sound Andrew Jeffs
Adibah Rashid Variability in paua growth Ian Tuck
Katherine Rawson pH effects on zebrafish development Mary Sewell
Josh Richardson An unbaited video system for counting fish Richard Taylor, Nick Shears
Leena Riekkola Bryde's whale spatial distribution and ship-strike mitigation Rochelle Constantine
Leigh Torres
Todd Dennis
James Robertson Anaesthetic use in shipping live lobsters Andrew Jeffs
Kirsten Rodgers  Larval development in sea cucumbers Nick Shears
Sarah Roth Cause and consequences of blooms of the green algae Microdictyon umbillicatum Nick Shears
Emily Roycroft Sex-biased dispersal in stingrays Shane Lavery, Agnes LePort
Rachael Sagar Foraging behaviour, and translocation stress and success in the mottled petrel Brendon Dunphy
Matt Rayner
Tabea Salewski    
Blake Seers     
Ferique Shortte Stock assessment for St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean Ian Tuck
Carina Sim-Smith (PhD) Larval snapper Andrew Jeffs
Arie Spyksma    
Fraser Stobie Evaluating kingfish feed strategies with metabolic SDA Neill Herbert
Kevin Tay Hearing in crustaceans Craig Radford
Callum Templeton Modelling bycatch in data poor fisheries Ian Tuck
Hannah Thompson Sedimentation on a fringing reef, Fiji Paul Kench
Pao Ting Ocean acidification effects on sea urchin teeth Michelle Dickinson
Oliver Trottier  Peacrabs in mussels Andrew Jeffs
Alex Tse Optimising the balance of New Zealand fisheries               Ian Tuck
Vaughan Turner Residence time of debris at the cliff toe Mark Dickson
Rachel Twomey Coastal vulnerability in Auckland Paul Kench
Miao Wang Larval nutrition in lobsters Andrew Jeffs
Xiyang Wang Structure and function relationship of sea urchin teeth Michelle Dickinson
Katie Ward-Allen Fleet dynamics in hoki fishing Ian Tuck
Charley Waters Biology of giant clams in the Cook Islands Mark Costello
Chelsea Wegner (PhD) Hydrodynamic modelling of reef platform surfaces Paul Kench
Gabriel Wong Estimating fish catches Ian Tuck
Nick Wong Reproduction of an invasive crab Mary Sewell
Alex Woo Bision in a marine fish Mark Costello
Melissa Wyzan Comparative study of the elasmobranch liver structure Tony Hickey
Kaiwen Yang Cockles as indicators of sediment impacts Simon Thrush
Bhargavi Yellapu Global population genetics of the lobster Panulirus ornatus Shane Lavery
Andrew Jeffs
Verina Yuan Modelling daily patterns in scampi catchability Ian Tuck
Nurhazwan Mohd Zain Large-scale variation in growth of juvenile grey mullet Richard Taylor
Mark Morrison
Kendall Clements
Leonardo Zamora Sea cucumber feeding Andrew Jeffs
Erica Zarate Fatty acid analysis of sea urchin gonads Mary Sewell
Davide Zazzaro