Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science

Our staff

Find below a list of staff from both The University of Auckland and NIWA who are currently involved in research projects at the Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science.

Staff at the University of Auckland

School/ department Name Research interests Email
School of Environment Dr Melissa Bowen Physical Oceanography: The South Pacific subtropical gyre and western boundary currents; Measuring ocean variability from satellite imagery and altimetry; Using mechanistic models to test drivers of ocean variability; Estuarine physics
School of Environment Prof Kathy Campbell Paleoecology of terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems; Paleoenvironmental interpretation; Organism-sediment interactions; Sedimentology, sedimentary geology, stable isotope geochemistry; Life in extreme environments; Fossils on active geological margins
Department of Engineering Science Dr John Cater Large eddy simulation of channel flows; Experimental techniques in fluid dynamics including PIV, LDS & HWA; Sediment transport and flow modelling; High performance computing techniques for fluidmechanics; Aeroacoustics
School of Biological Sciences Prof Kendall Clements Nutritional ecology – application to marine herbivorous fishes; Evolution of marine fishes; Fish nutrition and gut microflora
School of Environment Assoc. Prof. Giovanni Coco Coastal processes, geomorphology, estuarine ecology, marine geology , machine learning and and complexity.
School of Biological Sciences Assoc Prof Rochelle Constantine Behavioural ecology; Conservation biology; Marine mammal biology
School of Chemical Sciences Assoc Prof Brent Copp Marine chemical ecology
Institute of Marine Science Assoc Prof Mark Costello Biodiversity, marine ecology, biodiversity informatics, biogeography; Aquaculture, fish ectoparasites; Conservation, Marine Protected Areas; Habitat mapping and classification
Department of Engineering Science Dr Adrian Croucher Numerical modelling of hydrodynamics; Contaminant transport and movement of waterborne eggs/larvae in rivers, estuaries and coastal environments
Department of Engineering Science Prof Jim Denier Fluid Mechanics
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering Dr Michelle Dickinson Effect of ocean acidification on the mechanical properties of calcified components of sea creatures; Measuring mechanical properties (hardness, modulus, stiffness, fracture toughness) of biological materials under hydrated conditions
School of Environment Dr Mark Dickson Coastal geomorphology; Coastal processes and erosion; Coastal management
School of Biological Sciences Dr Brendon Dunphy Marine mollusc ecology, ecophysiology and aquaculture; Dispersal of larvae and physiological resilience of larvae and adults to perturbations; Optimisation of husbandry methods for ongrowing commercial species
School of Biological Sciences Assoc Prof Clive Evans Ecophysiology of Antarctic fishes; Ross Sea fishery; Ecotoxicology
School of Environment Dr Murray Ford Coastal processes; Coastal morphodynamics
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr Heide Friedrich Processes taking place in water-worked environments, such as rivers: sediment movement/transport; flow structure and ecohydraulics.
School of Environment Dr Jao Gao Coastal dune evolution; Coastal change detection using GIS; Use of satellite data to sense the coastal environment
Institute of Marine Science Dr Neill Herbert Finfish aquaculture, fish biology, fish physiology and behaviour in the context of exercise and growth physiology and environmental stress
School of Biological Sciences Assoc Prof Tony Hickey Fish physiology, mitochondria function and dysfunction
Institute of Marine Science Prof Andrew Jeffs Marine aquaculture, ecology and biotechnology
School of Environment Prof Paul Kench Coastal processes; Coastal change analysis; Coastal geomorphology; Tropical coral reef processes; Coastal management
School of Biological Sciences / Institute of Marine Science Dr Shane Lavery Molecular ecology and evolution of marine fauna
School of Environment Prof Richard LeHeron Policy and Governance; Nature-Society relationships
School of Biological Sciences Prof Gillian Lewis Aquatic environmental microbiology; Aquatic microbial ecology; Microbial biofilm community structure and function
School of Environment Dr Jeff Mauk Hydrothermal mineral deposits; Ironsand deposits, Geochemistry
Institute of Marine Science Prof John Montgomery Fish sensory biology; Movement ecology
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr Rolando Orense Coastal geotechnical engineering; geotechnical properties of marine clays and other soft ground; foundation design for coastal and marine structures
School of Environment Susan Owen Coastal Management; Environmental Governance; Environmental Policy
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering Assoc Prof Ashton Partridge Development of novel chemical and biological sensors based on surface Plasmon resonance, strip sensing, conducting polymers and QCM. Recent applications include the detection of species in biological fluids
School of Environment Dr Ingo Pecher Marine geophysics; Gas hydrates; Subduction zones
Institute of Marine Science Dr Craig Radford Underwater acoustics; Bioacoustics; sensory biology
Institute of Marine Science Dr Alwyn Rees Algal ecophysiology
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr Ajit Sarmah Fate and behaviour of micropollutants; Modelling the decay and kinetics of antifouling agents; Analysis of emerging contaminants in marine samples; Carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands and influence on carbon dynamics
School of Environment Dr Luitgard Schwendenmann Carbon and nutrient dynamics; Ecosystem functioning and biodiversity; Mangrove ecosystems; Land use change
School of Biological Sciences Prof Mary Sewell Reproduction and development of marine invertebrates – particularly echinoderms; Antarctic larvae; Ocean acidification and climate change
Department of Mechanical Engineering Dr Rajnish Sharma Experimental and computational fluid dynamics, turbulent flows, energy
Department of Statistics Dr Nick Shears Rocky reef ecosystems; sedimentation effects on marine systems
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering Dr Filipa Silva Seafood processing and preservation
School of Environment Dr Lorna Strachan Deep marine sedimentary geology; Submarine slope processes, source to sink turbidite analysis
Institute of Marine Science Dr Richard Taylor Ecology of rocky reefs; Ecology of mobile benthic invertebrates
Marine Science/ School of Environment   Prof Simon Thrush Coastal ecosystems: function and resilience

Co-appointed staff

School/ department Name Research interests Email
Department of Statistics / NIWA Hamilton Prof Judi Hewitt Benthic macrofauna; biodiversity; community ecology; impact assessment; statistcal ecology
School of Environment / NIWA Wellington Assoc. Prof. Geoffroy Lamarche Geophysics; tectonic processes; paleoseismic research; seafloor mapping
Institute of Marine Science / NIWA Hamilton Dr Carolyn Lundquist Marine ecosystems: health, impacts and resilience
School of Biological Sciences / NIWA Wellington Prof Wendy Nelson Marine Biodiversity: Discovery and documentation of marine macroalgae in NZ - systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, ecology, life histories
Institute of Marine Science / NIWA Auckland Dr Darren Parsons Fisheries and marine ecology
Department of Physics / NIWA Wellington Assoc Prof Craig Stevens Oceanography; Marine Energy
School of Environment / NIWA Wellington Dr Phil Sutton Physical oceanography
Department of Statistics / NIWA Auckland Dr Ian Tuck Fisheries assessment

Staff at NIWA

Location Name Research interests Email
NIWA Wellington Dr Erik Behrens Ocean numerical modelling
NIWA Hamilton Dr Rob Bell Coastal and estuarine oceanography; Coastal hazards; coastal engineering; Sea level rise and climate change; Ocean outfalls, dredging & plume dispersal; Numerical modelling
NIWA Wellington Dr Helen Bostock Sedimentology; Geochemistry; Paleoceanography; Chemical Oceanography
NIWA Hamilton Dr Drew Lohrer Marine coastal benthic ecology; soft sediment habitats
NIWA Auckland Dr Drew Lorrey Palaeoclimate reconstruction; Atmospheric circulation processes; Sclerochronology; Otolith chemistry; ENSO; Tropical cyclones; South Pacific climate; Climate change
NIWA Auckland Dr Mark Morrison Coastal ecosystems; Fisheries and marine ecology; Habitat mapping; Fish connectivity
NIWA Wellington Dr Joanne O'Callaghan Oceanography; Coastal Physics; Numerical Modelling
NIWA Hamilton Dr Piet Verburg Limnology; Lakes - physics and ecosystems; Impacts of climate change on aquatic systems
NIWA Auckland Dr James Williams Fisheries and marine ecology, including surveys and assessments of shellfish, particularly bivalve molluscs (e.g., scallops, oysters, surf clams, cockles)